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Must Love Books by Shauna Robinson
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Must Love Books is many things – intelligent, funny, charming, engaging – but the word that most comes to mind is brave.

Based partly on her own life experiences, Shauna Robinson lays bare the questions with which we all wrestle. Is this the job for me? If it’s not the job for me, do I have the skills to do anything else? Do I even know what I want in a career? Can my passions and work align, or is that a myth sold by career counselors?

Nora Hughes is five years into a job as an editorial assistant at Parsons, a publishing house specializing in business books. After a round of layoffs and the departure of her best work-friend, she is overworked, underpaid, lonely, and uninspired. Then, as though things aren’t bad enough, she receives a pay cut as part of a belt-tightening effort. 

Already struggling to pay her rent and student loans, Nora takes a second job with a competing publishing house. Early into her days as a publishing double-agent, she meets Andrew, an author whose star is rising. Parsons is trying desperately to sign him for his second book, and Nora’s boss has told her that she is guaranteed a promotion if she can get him to sign with them.

As she tries to hold on to everything, including Andrew, who will become more to Nora than an author to wrangle under contract, Nora will come close to losing it all. Far from being a work of tragedy, Must Love Books is an inspiration, as Nora, whose voice is fresh and believable, doggedly moves forward in search of herself.

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