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Giving a little love to Author Leslie Hooton

Leslie Hooton Novels
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Leslie Hooton’s novels are old-fashioned in the best ways – familiar without being derivative, warm, and comforting. Coming-of-age stories with a side of romance. Yes, please!

The Secret of Rainy Days features Nina “Lil Bit” Barnes Enlo, the product Erob (“bore” spelled backward), a small town in Alabama. Nina flees to New York City at her first opportunity, determined to scrub the Alabama dust off of her shoes and recreate herself as a proper New Yorker.

She almost makes a clean getaway, but her grandmother, never one to tolerate disobedience, dies and leaves Nina her house, a beyond-the-grave ploy to bring her home. Upon returning to Erob, she will discover that everything she ever wanted, including true love, has been hiding in plain sight.

Before Anyone Else explores similar themes, this time through the eyes of Bailey Ann Edgeworth, Bae, her brother Hank, and Griffin, form a tight trio, a bond that will connect them their entire lives. Bae will move to New York City, make a name for herself as a restaurant designer, and get married, but Atlanta and Griffin will never completely vacate her heart. 

After Everyone Else, which continues Bae’s story, releases on June 28.

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