Always a Bridesmaid…

It Takes Two
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There are two things I’m always glad to find in a romance: 

  1. A hunky lawyer.
  2. An irresistible series name. And this one, ‘Bridesmaids Behaving Badly,’ called to me like a siren song.

It Takes Two is the middle book in the series, which features a tight-knit group of friends as they rotate through one another’s weddings.

In this installment, Wendy Liu is maid-of-honor to her best friend, Jane. Wendy and Jane bonded in middle school over their fathers’ deaths, dubbing themselves the Dead Dads Club. Jane’s brother, Noah, the aforementioned hunky lawyer, spent his young adulthood working to care for his sister, mother, and Wendy, whom he came to regard as part of his family.

We’re in romancelandia li readers, so it should go without saying that Wendy and Noah have harbored feelings for one another that are not strictly familial. They both grew up and became lawyers, and the verbal sparks that fly between them during the wedding festivities are even hotter than their physical chemistry.

The babes at Popsugar recommended It Takes Two as an AAPI read, and I’m so glad they did. You can see the complete list of recommendations here.

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