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Let’s Profess Our Love For this Romance Novel

How Not To Fall
Reading Time: < 1 minute

I thought I’d put the sexy back into back-to-school by featuring romances with a school or education backdrop this month. You know, the reading you’d rather be doing than what’s on the professor’s required list. 

I will say right off that there are a lot of naughty bits in How Not to Fall. I prefer it when the clinches take place off-stage, but Emily Foster is a Ph.D. holding professional sex educator, so shying away from the details is not quite her thing. 

Clinches aside, I fell in love with Annabelle Coffey, the story’s main character. She’s a whip-smart scientist with a self-deprecating and hilarious sense of humor. Her big brain and determination have always led her to success, so she figures she can apply her wits to the seduction of Dr. Charles Douglas, the rumpled but gorgeous British postdoctoral fellow who works in her lab. 

Dr. Douglas has plenty of wits of his own, along with rules of engagement to prevent them both from getting too entangled, but Annabelle will loosen the knots as fast as he can tie them. 

I especially loved this book because Annabelle Coffey is fearless and confident. No silly swooning or pining, this love story unfolds with the mess and noise of surprising circumstances. 

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