These two make “Opposites Attract” Cool Again

Boyfriend Material
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I was ten years old before I learned that baking from scratch meant not using a mix. My tender young mind was blown wide open; how long had this phenomenon of blending eggs, flour, and sugar existed?

I had a similar feeling as I read Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall. How had this brilliant and hilarious author missed my notice? I’m a power reader who has worked in the book industry for decades. Meanwhile, Alexis Hall was churning out books while I naively believed myself to be well-read.

On the surface, much of the storyline is familiar and well-worn; a fake relationship, opposites attract, and a quirky cast of supporting characters with ‘spin-off novel’ written across their foreheads. What transforms this book from ho-hum to OMG are Luc and Oliver. Luc is the quasi-famous son of a rock legend father the public knows better than he does. Oliver is a buttoned-up lawyer who irons his sheets. It’s a delight to fall in love with them as they fall in love.

Boyfriend Material is an excellent addition to any Pride Month reading list, illuminating the less overt aspects of homophobia – people who declare themselves accepting, but only if they’re not asked to overthink it.

I am grateful to have discovered Hall before I ran out of time, and I must urge you to save yourself from an Alexis Hall-less life. So I’ll wait here while you run to your nearest bookstore or library and grab a copy of Boyfriend Material. And while you’re there, preorder Husband Material, due in August.

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Boyfriend Material
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