The Recipes are Almost as Spicy as this Romance

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A Taste of Sage

If books with cooking and romance are your bag, then A Taste of Sage by Yaffa S. Santos is your novel.

Lumi Santana is a talented chef, but more than talent is needed to keep the doors open. Still needing to keep a roof over her head after shuttering her restaurant, Lumi works as a sous chef at a traditional French restaurant run by the renowned chef Julien Dax.

Lumi can taste a cook’s emotions through their food, and one day in her imperious new boss’ kitchen convinces her never to taste anything he’s prepared. Food stirred with love tastes divine; food cooked by an arrogant, self-important man does not.

You’ve read enough romances to know that Lumi is one spoonful of bearnaise sauce away from falling for Julien, but it takes Lumi nearly one hundred pages to learn this for herself. Julien, on the other hand, falls fast and hard for Lumi.  

The book includes over a dozen mouthwatering recipes with a Dominican flair, elevating A Taste of Sage from a pleasant romance to a gem. 

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A Taste of Sage
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