‘Right Girl, Wrong Side’ by Ginny Baird Review

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Right Girl, Wrong Side by Ginny Baird is a multicultural take on a classic tale!

I hadn’t read something that felt so comfortable in a long time. This book, Right Girl, Wrong Side by Ginny Baird, brought back the feelings of a classic but with a twist. Almost an amazing Hallmark movie vibe or these days a standard crowd pleasing Netflix movie. However, the Puerto Rican author puts a multicultural lens on the novel that is extra impactful and adds more depth than a traditional romance read.

Overwhelmed at work and coming off of a bad breakup, Evita Machado is looking forward to a beach vacation with her parents, siblings, and extended family. She desperately needs a break! Sun and sand are a surefire way to get rid of the blues, and Evita can’t wait to see the quaint, rose-covered beach house that her family has rented for their trip. But when the Machado family arrives at the cottage, they discover that another group has beaten them to it. The accommodations were accidentally double-booked by the owner, and Hatfields have already put down stakes. They won the gorgeous ocean-front rental in a silent auction and they have no intention of giving up their prize.

The Machados aren’t budging either. These families happen to have a history. Evita and Ryan Hatfield had a tiny spark between them in high school, but their mothers were business rivals and refused to let them date. Neither group is willing to give up the house and everyone warily agrees to divide the cozy space.
The Machados are loud, boisterous, and constantly yelling, arguing, or laughing amongst themselves. The Hatfields are reserved, quiet, and almost painfully polite. Tensions are running high between the families…and between Evita and Ryan, too. Can they keep the peace – and their sanity? – as they try to keep their families separate while the two of them grow closer? Or will old jealousies and petty slights prove to be too much for their fledgling romance re-do?

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What others are saying about Right Girl, Wrong Side by Ginny Baird

“Baird delivers a cast full of three-dimensional characters that readers will be happy to spend time with, and the vivid Nantucket setting adds to the charm. Readers will fall in love right alongside the hero and heroine.” — Publishers Weekly

“Perfect for those looking for a romantic beach read.” — Library Journal

“Right Girl, Wrong Side is a humourous contemporary retelling of The Hatfields vs The McCoys battle of two feuding families and one couple in love. I really enjoyed it. I love a good family drama in my romance novels and this one does not disappoint. On the surface, these two families appear to have nothing in common. But when we learn of the history of the interfamily dispute, it is revealed that they may have more in common than what first meets the eye. ” – Jodie (That Happy Reader) 

About the Author

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Bestselling author Ginny Baird has written more than 40 novels, novellas, and several collections. She grew up in Wilmington, Delaware to two teachers. Her dad taught Spanish at a university and her was a schoolteacher in Puerto Rica before coming to the States. Ginny moved with her family to Charlotte, North Carolina, when she was four after her dad took a post at UNC-Charlotte. Ginny, the youngest of five children, later graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in Spanish. After teaching ESOL and Spanish to K-12 students, she revived her writing career and started her own imprint, Winter Wedding Press. She has opportunity for some foreign screenwriter where she can showcase her spy thriller. Ginny enjoys cooking, long walks, and game nights with her large family!
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