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More than Bridgerton: Regency Romance

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romance reads like bridgerton

You may need a fainting couch for these regency romance reads.

There is something about the regency era that screams romance. Whether it is the elegant balls, the proper rules of high society, or the allure of prideful rich men needing an outspoken wife, these novels are full of swoons and intense yearning.

Thanks to the hit Bridgerton, we are all reminded just how much we love regency romance novels. But Julia Quinn isn’t the only author out there writing exciting novels. So, let’s forget the alphabetized Bridgerton family and look at some swoon-worthy reads.

Whether you are a romance novel veteran or a newcomer, here are a few adventurous regency romances to dive into.

The Duke, The Lady, and a Baby, by Vanessa Riley

A duke, the lady, and a baby

After the mysterious “suicide” of her husband, West Indian heiress, Patience Jordan manages to lose it all. Her son, her fortune, and her freedom, all gone because she dared question her husband’s death. But Patience is a formidable woman, and she won’t let anything stop her from being with her child.

Patience manages to get hired as a nanny for her son. He is in the care of his cousin, the Duke of Repington, Busick Strathmore. This ex-rake now lives by a strict military rule, which is difficult for Patience’s headstrong nature. What’s worse is that Patience’s alluring nature seems to sweep past the Duke’s defenses, right into his heart. The two manage to form a wavering trust when Busick starts to investigate the death of his cousin. But will it be enough?

Lady August, by Becky Michaels

Lady August

The day Samuel Brooks walks into the drawing-room of her employer, August Summer’s life changes forever. Where once she thought she was no one, now she finds out she is the daughter of a Lord. Now, she must adjust to her new life in high society.

After going to London to live with her dowager duchess of an aunt, August comes to terms with what society demands of a young heiress. Brooks keeps an eye on the young Lady August and is most dazzled by her charms, which is much more than he expected. August must now find a husband, while Brooks reevaluates his views on love and marriage.

The Duke Who Didn’t, by Courtney Milan

Courtney Milan Romance Novel - The Duke Who Didn't

Chloe Fong has no time for nonsense. If something doesn’t fall into her plans, then she doesn’t take it seriously and she certainly doesn’t let it distract her. She said just as much three years ago to her childhood sweetheart, Jeremy Wentworth. She said he could speak to her when he started acting seriously. So, being the trickster that he is, he left.

Years later, Jeremy has returned to Chloe’s tiny village in hope of wooing her. The only problem is that he tried being serious and found that it didn’t really work for him – didn’t quite work with his personality. But he is determined to win Chloe over nevertheless. All he has to do is keep his real name, title, and the fact that he owns the whole village a secret. Shouldn’t be a problem for the mischievous Duke of Lansing.

Edenbrooke, by Julianne Donaldson

Regency romance novel by Julianne Donaldson - edenbrooke

What better way to escape the boredom and unwanted attentions of a suitor than to head to a country estate? Marianne Daventry is relieved when her twin sister Cecily invites her to her sprawling estate, Edenbrooke. However, it seems that her plans for a relaxing summer getaway might soon go awry.

Soon after beginning her journey to Edenbrooke, Marianne finds herself on an unexpected adventure. A run-in with a highwayman quickly turns into a bit of flirtation. But as her flirtation begins to turn into something more, she needs to reign in her heart or be swept off her feet by this mysterious stranger.

Dare to be a Duchess, by Sapna Bhog

Romance Novel by Sapna Bhog - dare to be a duchess

As the orphaned daughter of a British colonel and his Indian wife, Lara Ramsay is no stranger to scandal. Even as the ward of the Duke of Wovlerton’s uncle, members of the ton have no problem whispering about her. So, instead of fighting it, she has chosen to just live her life and let it happen.

Tristan Wentworth, Duke of Wolverton has a hard time handling his uncle’s ward. After he catches Lara with his sister at a salacious masquerade, he issues an ultimatum – get married in six months, or a husband will be found for her. The only problem is that the only man in town who appeals to her is the duke himself, and she doesn’t fancy him. So begins the battle of wits, until a masked kiss seals both their fates.

These are only a handful of regency romance novels. There are countless others that focus more on high society or the activities of the ton. There are also many regency novels that add something extra, such as fantasy elements, contemporary romance themes, or take place in parts of the world outside of England. This romance genre has something to offer everyone.

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