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Quick Ways To Remain Productive… Even If You Are Not Feeling it

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Do you need some motivation to remain productive?

I get it.

I really do. Last Friday, I told myself that I would get to this article over the weekend. On Saturday, I told myself that I still had Sunday, I deserved some downtime! On Sunday, I talked myself into another day off. Monday was a work day anyway, why not do the work then? Basically, my procrastination bought me some time off, but I couldn’t relax. Instead, I spent a good chunk of the weekend dreading Monday morning when I would have to pay the piper. And here we are. Not. Productive.

There are many professional opinions online regarding productivity, and some of them seem logical: set goals, make lists, keep tasks manageable.

Avoid multitasking if possible, that is actually not an efficient use of your time because your focus is split. That makes sense!

Others are puzzlers: learn to say no? How in the world does that work in the time of the gig economy? Use red and blue more often, studies suggest they improve brain performance. You can fall down the productivity hole on Google and scroll for hours! Also not productive.

I am a list maker. I actually have a list of my current working lists. My dad is a list maker too, but he is much more casual about it then I am. My sister uses the Eisenhower Matrix to stay on task. I avoid productivity apps, because I will get involved in my phone instead, thus defeating the purpose. There are as many strategies and tips available as there are reasons to procrastinate! But if you are looking for inspiration to boost your personal productivity, consider picking up one of these well-reviewed books that focus on strategies to help you manage your time and energy:

From To Do to Done: How To Go From Busy to Productive by Mastering Your To-Do List

Most experts agree that daily goal setting is the most important building block for a successful day, week, and  year.

“Know what significant goals you want to work towards every day. I list a small number of high-value tasks or goals for the day.” – Rachel Haurwitz, CEO of Caribou Biosciences

Jeff Bezos is a big proponent of prioritization and goal setting, and he managed to create Amazon.

“Choosing to work hard is the key to being successful.” Growing up, Bezos says that his motto was ‘nil sine labore,’ which means ‘nothing without hard work.’ He firmly believed that hard work has no replacement…”The world is full of people who have gifts but either they don’t realize their potential or don’t have the means to take full advantage of them. But there is one thing that everyone must know you have to put in the work every day to meet your goals.”

I should be able to make a grocery list, fold some laundry, and pay the mortgage by the end of the week. We’ll see, but if I don’t manage it, I know it is on me!

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Alissa S.