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‘Protecting Her Heart’ by Nancy Campbell Allen Book Review

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Protecting Her Heart by Nancy Campbell Allen: A Historical Mystery of Grief and Romance Journey Through Secrets, Lies, and Unexpected Love

In 1887, in London, Charlotte Duvall learns that her father has died. Distraught by the news, she decides to return to her family’s home in America. Upon arriving, Charlotte comes across a box of old letters written by her late mother. Although the letters initially bring Charlotte comfort, they eventually lead to questions as Charlotte notices discrepancies that make her suspect she hasn’t been told the full truth about her mother’s passing.

Confused and overwhelmed, she confides in the person she trusts the most, her close friend and head of London’s police force, John Ellis. John, who has had feelings for Charlotte since they first met, admires her clever mind, quick wit, and incredible beauty. Even though he hasn’t mustered the courage to tell Charlotte how he feels, John is ready to be there for Charlotte as she grieves and investigates the death of her mother.

Falling in love was the last thing on Charlotte’s mind. Yet, as she and John uncover a complicated network of secrets and lies, she starts depending on him more and more. In the process of unraveling the truth about her mother’s death, Charlotte begins to open her heart to John. As danger gets nearer, John promises to do all he can to keep Charlotte safe. But when emotions grow strong, John realizes that safeguarding Charlotte’s feelings might mean hurting his own.

A Review of Protecting Her Heart: A Gripping Tale of Love and Mystery

Protecting Her Heart by Nancy Campbell Allen is a tantalizing love story with the riveting twists and turns of a gripping mystery novel.

The dynamic between Charlotte and John adds an emotional layer to the suspenseful narrative, and Allen’s descriptive writing makes the blossoming romance between John and Charlotte compelling in a way that left me immersed in the story until the final page.

John’s hidden feelings for Charlotte are an intricate part of the story, and the development of their relationship is beautifully woven into the unraveling mystery. As Charlotte navigates her grief and investigates her mother’s death, John stands by her in a way that leaves you hoping for a full-fledged romance to unfold.

The novel combines historical elements, suspense, and a heartfelt romance that kept me engrossed from beginning to end. I found the love story to be wholesome, with just the right amount of steamy heat. Allen skillfully portrays the characters in the story, making both the heroes and villains feel incredibly authentic. I became completely engrossed in this book, and I felt intimately connected with the characters as if I were right there with them!

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What Other People Are Saying About Protecting Her Heart

“I adored Protecting Her Heart! This historical romantic suspense book had me turning the pages so quickly that I read it in basically a day.” – Christy

“This book is a perfect combination of history, mystery, and romance” – Whiskey With My Book

Protecting Her Heart is a ‘chaste’ romance that celebrates two minds coming together. It’s an easy read that’s lovely to escape into.” – Jessica

“I loved the sizzling romance between these two. Their close relationship and witty banter makes watching them fall in love so enjoyable.” – Melissa’s Bookshelf

About the Author – Nancy Campbell Allen


Author avatarNancy Campbell Allen is a well-known author with 20 novels and several short stories. She writes across different genres, from modern romantic suspense to historical fiction. Under the name pen name Laney Bell, Nancy also writes contemporary romances set in a made-up Rocky Mountain ski valley similar to her own hometown.

Allen has a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Weber State University. Besides her formal education, she has worked as a ghostwriter and freelance editor.  Contributing to books like “We Knew Howard Hughes” by Jim Whetton and “My Life Encapsulated” by Kenneth Brailsford.

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