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Positive Affirmation Books for a Positive Mindset

Only Positive Vibes Around Here!

Are you feeling like you’re not living your best life, and lacking confidence in yourself? Positive affirmations can be a powerful tool that can help you transform your mindset and achieve your goals. Incorporating positive affirmations into your daily routine can be the solution you’re seeking! One of the best ways to incorporate positive affirmations into your daily routine is by reading books that focus on personal development. To help you in this journey, we have compiled a list of books that can assist you in cultivating a positive mindset, overcoming limiting beliefs, and creating a happier life!

Struggling with self-doubt, anxiety, or simply want to live a more positive life? We have you covered!

By reading these books and practicing the techniques they suggest, you can develop a more positive and growth-oriented mindset, which can help you achieve your goals and live your best life!

From Fear to Gratitude: Affirmations to Build a Positive Future and Eliminate Those Negative Thoughts 

by Glenn Cossar

isbn: 9781504319461,template: listThis current collection of practical affirmations are supported by personal stories and instances where each suggested affirmation can be applied. Glenn has grouped them to suit six primary aspects of life. Each one is designed specifically to deal with those six situations of fear, doubt, failure, procrastination, independence and finally gratitude.






Empowered Black Girl: Joyful Affirmations and Words of Resilience (Book for Black Girls Ages 12+) 

by M J Fievre

isbn: 9781642505603,template: listEven strong, fearless, and badass Black women need affirmations!









Affirmations for Queer People: 100+ Positive Messages to Affirm, Empower, and Inspire 

by Jess Vosseteig

isbn: 9781507222263,template: listQueer people are essential members of society–trailblazing for positive change and building up a stronger and more vibrant community every day. It’s time to affirm these truths and so many more with Affirmations for Queer People.

In this book, discover more than 100 affirmations to empower yourself, emphasize your self-worth, care for your mental health and emotional well-being, and so much more. You can use these affirmations and the accompanying texts to reflect on your own life and your future. You’ll find amazing, inclusive artwork throughout that speaks to the beauty, bravery, and diversity of this incredible community.

With Affirmations for Queer People, celebrate being a queer person, affirm your talent and worth, and bring your dreams to fruition.

Choose Joy: Relieve Burnout, Focus on Your Happiness, and Infuse More Joy Into Your Everyday Life 

by Sophie Cliff

isbn: 9781950968770,template: listMaybe you’re feeling exhausted, both mentally and physically, from the last few years and all of the uncertainty and change that came with them. Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed and struggling to meet the constant demands on your time. Or maybe you can’t even remember what those things were. If you relate to one (or more!) of those statements, certified positive psychology practitioner Sophie Cliff is here to help.




Affirmations for Black Women: A Journal: 100+ Positive Messages and Prompts to Affirm Your Self-Worth, Empower Your Spirit, & Attract Success 

by Oludara Adeeyo

isbn: 9781507220191,template: listIn a world that perpetuates negative stereotypes about Black women, it’s more important than ever to affirm Black women for their power, brilliance, and bravery. With Affirmations for Black Women: A Journal, Black women will find more than 100 affirmations from their emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing, to the practical, professional, and social aspects of their lives. You’ll also learn specifically why affirmations are essential for Black women in order to heal from the effects of misogynoir, to build up your confidence, to build a self-care practice, and much more. You’ll discover how to apply affirmations to your daily life and use them in order to manifest what you desire and deserve.

Make It Happen: Manifest the Life of Your Dreams 

by Jordanna Levin

isbn: 9781922351463,template: listEveryone can manifest. We’re all doing it-every second of every day-without even realising it.

For years, journalist and podcaster Jordanna Levin thought that she was psychic. She would worry about things and they would come true. But she wouldn’t just worry; she would feel them, take subconscious action towards them and believe with every cell of her being that they would happen … and most of the time, they did. A broken foot, a cancelled flight, a tragic love story… the list went on. She soon realised that she wasn’t just predicting the future, she was manifesting it. Until one day she changed the game. If she could manifest mishaps and disasters, why not the things she actually wanted?

You Will Find Your People: How to Make Meaningful Friendships as an Adult 

by Lane Moore

isbn: 9781419762567,template: listPart memoir, part self-help, You Will Find Your People uncovers the complex, frightening, and often vulnerable process of building real, healthy friendships and finally creating your chosen family. Lane Moore takes readers on a journey that examines and challenges the ideas of friendship we’ve seen in pop culture, answers every question you’ve ever had about friend breakups, and teaches us how to fearlessly ask for what we want in friendships once and for all.

Full of Moore’s hilarious personal anecdotes, advice on how to identify your attachment style, and real tools to create better communication and boundaries, this book is your personal guide on how to heal from your past friendships, improve your current ones, and finally have the friendships we know we deserve.

The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact 

by Chip Heath – Dan Heath

isbn: 9781501147760,template: listWhile human lives are endlessly variable, our most memorable positive moments are dominated by four elements: elevation, insight, pride, and connection. If we embrace these elements, we can conjure more moments that matter.

This book delves into some fascinating mysteries of experience: Why we tend to remember the best or worst moment of an experience, as well as the last moment, and forget the rest. Why “we feel most comfortable when things are certain, but we feel most alive when they’re not.” And why our most cherished memories are clustered into a brief period during our youth.

Fuck Happiness: How Women Are Ditching the Cult of Positivity and Choosing Radical Joy 

by Ariel Gore

isbn: 9781621069508,template: listHappiness is big business. Books, consultants, psychologists, organizations, and even governments tout happiness secrets that are backed by scientific findings. The problem is that all of this science is done by and for cis white men. And some of the most vocal of these happiness experts were announcing that women could become happier by espousing “traditional” values and eschewing feminism.

Skeptical of this hypothesis, Ariel Gore took a deep dive into the optimism industrial complex, reading the history, combing the research, attending the conferences, interviewing the thought leaders, and exploring her own and her friends’ personal experiences and desires. Fuck Happiness is a nuanced, thoughtful examination of what happiness means and to whom, how it’s played a role in defining modern gender roles and power structures, and how we can all have a more empowered relationship with the pursuit of joy in our lives.

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