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Learning to fully embrace your feminine energy is tricky and sometimes terrifying work. This is when we call in the undeniable healing power of poetry! Stumbling across the right words in the perfect moment helps us feel seen, heard, understood, comforted or, in the best cases, unstoppable. Though the world may do its best to silence and harden your femininity, you can turn to these collections to uplift and encourage you to let that wild, sacred feminine energy run free! Ahead, three collections that are sure to awaken your feminine energy.


What Kind of Woman: Poems by Kate Baer

What Kind of Woman: Poems: Kate Baer

Light a candle, grab a comfy blanket and open this #1 New York Times Bestseller to soothe and help bring your feminine energy back home to you. With poems to cover every phase of the feminine experience, Kate Baer’s honest language feels as familiar as a coffee date with your best friend. Page after page, she airs her grievances, celebrates victories, and provides endless motivation guaranteed to help guide your femininity back into the light where it belongs!


Nectar by Upile Chisala

nectar: Chisala, Upile

If you’re looking for short, easy to swallow reminders and fierce battlecries to brighten your feminine spark, Nectar is the book for you! Throughout these pages Chisala discusses the familiar feeling of being forced to shrink in order to seem more palatable for society and goes on to encourage feminine energy everywhere to instead take up as much room as possible. A poem a day from this empowering collection will surely keep the dark times away…or at least make them a bit easier to handle. It may also be a good idea to follow Chisala at @beingupile on Instagram so that her gentle reminders can grace your timeline from time to time!


You Don’t Have to Be Everything: Poems for Girls Becoming Themselves by Diana Whitney

You Don't Have to Be Everything: Poems for Girls Becoming Themselves Diana Whitney Diana

You Don’t Have to Be Everything is, well… everything! From poetry’s newest It Girl, Amanda Gorman, to the timeless and eternal Maya Angelou, 68 poets from diverse backgrounds line the pages with their experiences and thoughts on womanhood, sexuality, gender and evolving alongside your feminine energy. Though marketed as a coming of age collection, Whitney added poetry from all chapters of life in order to help heal your inner child as well as your current, more mature feminine self. If ever there was one miraculously relatable guidebook to fully embodying your feminine energy at every age, this would absolutely be it!

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