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What is the true language of love? French? Italian? Poetry?

It’s hard to think about poetry without images of romance. Classic images of devoted men reading and writing sonnets to beautiful women fill books and artwork. But romance isn’t all about the best of times, as any lover of the romance genre knows.

Romance can be about lost love, forbidden romance, and unquenchable passion. We’ve collected a few of our favorite collections of romantic poetry. Some are modern writers, with poetry that hits home for us all, while others have shared their passion with the world for centuries. Not all romance poetry comes in the form of Shakespearean sonnets.

Love Poems, by Pablo Neruda

Love Poems - Pablo Neruda

There is nothing more enticing than a collection of love poetry once charged with causing a scandal. When Love Poems, by Pablo Neruda, was first published in 1952, the sensual poems caused many to clutch their pearls. Interestingly, Neruda originally published them anonymously! Today, Neruda’s beautiful poems have inspired films, love stories, and countless greeting cards.

Charged with passion, these poems are inspired by the time Neruda spent with his lover on Capri. Each poem describes their love using the magnificent seascapes that surrounded them. There is a reason why these poems are the top choice for Valentine’s and Wedding cards.

Love Her Wild, by Atticus

Love Her Wild - Atticus

Romance isn’t only about being in love. Romance is a feeling that transcends love. It is found in nature, in simplicity, and in location. Romance doesn’t have to be about a person. Atticus proves just this in his collection, Love Her Wild.

From the feeling of falling in love to those simple moments in life, this collection is all about the romance of it all. Each poem takes the thrilling highs and the devastating lows of life into a few insightful phrases that somehow encompass it all. There is a reason why Atticus is a ruler of Instagram poetry.

Her Favorite Color was Yellow, by Edgar Holmes

her favorite color was yellow - edgar holmes

Edgar Holmes’s debut poetry collection is all about one person – his muse. Her Favorite Color was Yellow is an ode to his undying and all-consuming love for a woman. However, as most romance stories go, not everything is perfect. Sometimes, there is a bit of heartbreak along the way to happiness.

Holmes is able to beautifully showcase his journey from falling in love to losing it, only to find it once again. If you’re looking for a romantic story of lost love, then this collection is perfect.

Love Poems of Rumi

The Love Poems of Rumi

For a truly romantic collection of poems, you might want to look back through history a bit. Rumi wrote his poems more than 700 years ago, but even today, they are considered some of the best. His poems show that love and the desires of the heart are the sources of the divine. What’s more romantic than that?

Rumi wrote his poems during the thirteenth century in Persia, so modern-day versions of his poems can vary from translation to translation. Also, each collection can change depending on the editor. So, if you are looking for the perfect collection of Rumi’s poems, make sure to shop around for the edition that feels right for you.

To My Crush – Brendon Thutso

To My Crush - Brendon Thutso

Think back to a time when you had a crazy, unrepented crush on someone. Weren’t those the days? You could spend time daydreaming about what it would be like to spend time with them. You would think of all the ways they would ask you out because you were too scared to do it yourself. There was the promise of a fairytale romance in crushes back in the day.

That is the kind of love poetry you will find in To My Crush, by Brendon Thutso. Using imagery, metaphor, rhyme, and every other language trick in his book, Thutso explains his feelings to his crush. While each poem is beautiful, they might not seem like love poems until you take a deeper look beyond the words. He uses poetry to hide his true meaning.

Romance or the End – Elaine Khan

Romance or the End - Elaine Khan

Have you ever considered what romance means? Have you ever challenged that meaning? Is it only the happy moments, or is it a dizzying combination of the good time, bad times, and the mediocre moments? What does romance look like when it ends? Elanie Khan tackles those questions in her collection Romance or the End.

Khan is able to use her poetry to look at the light and dark moments of love. She shows that love can be stable on the outside while being chaotic on the inside – how it makes you feel. Love can make you question yourself. Love can be painful. Most importantly, love always ends, and what does it look like when it does?

Love and Misadventure – Lang Leav

Love and Misadventure - Lang Leav

There is something strangely universal about falling in and out of love. It is possibly the most personal thing that can happen to someone, yet we all know how it feels. We’ve all felt the ups and downs, which is why we can all see ourselves in Lang Leav’s poetry.

Her collection, Love and Misadventure, is filled with poems that somehow speak to our individual experiences with love. Leav is well-known for her ability to see into the hearts of her readers, and this collection of love poems is no exception.

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