Poetry Books Perfect for Fall Nights

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As the leaves begin to fade, the crisp autumn winds begin to smells like change…and pumpkin spice lattes. We exchange summer’s long, relaxing days for starry nights filled with gratitude, refocusing and peace. Now we start to take inventory of all this year has brought us so far. Whether 2022 has been kind to you or filled with tough lessons, we all have a chance to close out the year in the best, most fulfilling ways possible! What better way to inspire the year’s grand finale than by curling up with some new, moving poetry? Here are a few wonderful poetry collections sure to pair perfectly with a cozy fall scented candle, apple cider and your favorite reading spot. Enjoy!
Photo Credit: Suzanne Cottrell via Bookshop

Gifts of the Seasons, Autumn and Winter by Suzanne Cottrell

For every poet facing tough changes, Gifts of the Seasons, Autumn and Winter is here to hold your hand through it all. The perfect companion for chilly mornings and evenings by the fireside, Suzanne Cottrell’s poetry speaks to the inevitable transformation that comes with the seasons. Her deep imagery and relatable storytelling will give you the hope you need to trust that better things lie just ahead of you!

Photo Credit: R.H. Sin via Bookshop

One More Before Goodbye by R.H. Sin

The always brilliant R.H. Sin provides us with another vibrant collection of encouragement and brutal truths. One More Before Goodbye is designed to ease your heart through even the most painful of endings. A compact book that soothes your soul, R.H. Sin lights a candle bright enough to demolish the darkness of ambiguity that comes with facing the unknown.

Photo Credit: Allie Michelle via Bookshop

Exploration of a Cosmic Soul by Allie Michelle

For the poetic, mystical seeker, Exploration of a Cosmic Soul invites you to embrace the magic both around and within your soul. Each page holds new insights inspiring us all to determine what is truly important. Starry skies, astrological downloads and prose filled with radical self-acceptance make this collection an ideal guide for this beautifully supernatural season.

Photo Credit: Elodie Parthenay via Indie Bound

The Sun Always Knows Where to Find Me by Elodie Parthenay

Elodie Parthenay’s debut collection simultaneously provides readers with light and support effortlessly. Her ability to bravely address challenges of love and failed romances gives us all an extra dose of strength and ferocity. But above all, her honesty reminds every reader that a heart that breaks is also a heart capable of loving– a heart worth healing. For those in need of understanding, compassion and the promise of a brighter tomorrow, The Sun Always Knows Where to Find Me is the book for you.

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