Poems About Poetry

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Oh, the magic of poetry…

It translates and conveys our innermost thoughts and feelings, allowing them to be witnessed by all who read our words. To love poetry is to love feeling. But to write poetry is to feel everything. At times, that can mean experiencing adoration and honor when your lines are appreciated. A passion for poetry can also bring about feelings of neglect and despair when work isn’t received the way we had hoped. Nevertheless, we persist. We continue to write and create because we must. The burning desire within forces us to share our stories, screaming them from the rooftops knowing there’s a chance they may very well never fall on sympathetic ears.

And still, we write. 

Poetry’s potency is what propels us forward, launching us into a frenzy of creation each time we stumble across inspiring words from others or discover them in our own mind. Because of this, poets carry a sense of rebellion and bravery that I know we tend to forget about. But putting our work out there and continuing to create is one of the most brave acts a heart can perform. Each time we write is a win allowing us to improve and practice being seen openly and authentically to all.

Oddly enough, in the moments you may find yourself warring with this passion of yours, the very medicine you’re in need of is the medicine you’re avoiding.


So, here are some of our favorite poems about poetry to re-ignite that fierce writer’s spirit within and help you pick up your pen once again!

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Photo Credit: TruthContest via Pinterest
So, You Want To Be A Writer (left) by Charles Bukowski
For Poets by Al Young
The Questions Poems Ask by Lawrence Raab
Poetry by Pablo Neruda
A Loaf of Poetry by Naoshi Koriyama
Photo Credit: Pinterest
Poetry (right) by Marianne Moore
Poetry is by Emilio Villa
Sound and Sense by Alexander Pope








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