Must-Read: Two Techies meet at a convention… And You Know the Rest

Make Up Break Up
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Sometimes I read a book because it seems to be following me everywhere I roam – Instagram, Facebook, newsletters, best-of roundups – so I give in to shut the universe up.

This is how I fell in love with Make Up Break Up by Lily Menon. It turns out the universe was right.

Lily Menon is best known for her YA novels; this is her debut adult book, and she was kind enough to turn her writing chops to romance.

Annika Dev is the CEO and creator of an app called Make Up, which aims to help couples see if their flame can be reignited. Hudson Chase is the CEO of Break Up, an app that is essentially the Uber Eats of breakups; place your order, and a Break Up terminator will do the dumping for you.

Annika and Hudson know each other from a developer conference in Vegas the year before, during which they shared more than design specs, if you catch my drift. Predictably, it fizzled once they left Vegas.

Fast forward, and Annika and Hudson find themselves working in the same building and vying for the same prize at an upcoming competition.

Annika and Hudson know precisely how much chemistry they have together, thanks to their week in Vegas. What they need to figure out is whether they like each other as much with their clothes on.

I could go on about the various themes and tropes in this story, but honestly, that would spoil the fun. Sometimes a story is best enjoyed just as it is; a delicious cupcake with a liberal swirl of frosting and a dusting of sprinkles.

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