li Astrology: Your Guide to Manifesting With the Moon

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Your Step-By-Step Guide To Manifesting With the Moon

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If you’re here, chances are you tend to feel the potency of the Moon and her many phases. There are endless tales trying to justify her power. Some depict the goddess of the Moon as a warrior while others attach masculine qualities to the Moon and honor its darkness. Today, the astrology girlies most commonly believe the Moon to be a more feminine force revealing truths and shedding light on areas of growth throughout each phase. But how do we harness the Moon’s cycles for the best possible outcome?

How do we manifest with the moon? 

The truth is, your manifestation practice is YOURS. You can adopt and create practices that feel true whenever you wish. But it is most widely agreed that the new Moon holds the most potential for manifestation since it’s a brand new beginning. Makes sense right? I like to think of a new Moon as a mini new year, allowing me to recalibrate, reinvigorate and redirect myself as needed. So, here are a few tips and tricks to make sure you get the most out of each new beginning and start living the fullest life possible!

Let the manifesting with the moon commence. Come on!

Set The Vibe:

Candles, music, incense, a cozy couch. Whatever makes your space feel as sacred as this manifestation process, do that! The first step in any great manifesting sesh is setting the tone! The vibe should always be one of peace, ease and safety. Whether done in good company or peaceful solitude, you’re diving into your deepest desires and truths. Make sure your space feels as comfortable as you want to feel in this next chapter you’re inviting in.

Look In The Mirror:

Where are you holding yourself back? What in your life doesn’t feel in alignment with the person you want to be? What’s missing? Asking yourself reflective questions will help you understand what you want to welcome in and most importantly, why those desires are on your heart!

Set Your Intentions:

Your “intentions” are your motivation behind your movements and choices. Think “why am I doing this?”. Or “what do I want this next phase to feel like”? Your answers can be a single word or a short phrase. But naming what your intentions are before writing your manifestations will help you tap into the very feeling you’re trying to invite in. After all, we only ever want what we want because of how we think we’ll feel when we finally have it, right? Why wait to start feeling good?

Write Your Manifestations:

It’s time to pour out all those desires on paper and into the universe! Writing what you hope to manifest is the first act of its creation in this physical realm. So be specific, be detailed, be descriptive, and most importantly, be present! Write everything you crave in the present tense, as if you already have it or it has already happened. Hoping to make that dream job a reality? Try writing something along the lines of “I finally found the career that lights me up and fulfills me! The company I now work for, ____, gave me so much more than the salary I expected too. Everyone is so kind and supportive and I can’t wait to go to work every morning.”…. You get the point. You can create a simple list if you’re more pressed for time too! Though, I believe scripting out my future (like the previous example) has always proved to be most beneficial. Whatever you write, be present as you do so! Feel the words ring true deep within. Know that you are the creator of your own life. It can be as sweet and decadent as you like!

Take Action:

In the following days, be open to making the changes you know are necessary. You already know what those things are. But whether you’re ready to admit it or not is another story. How can we have the life and love we want if we’re too scared to let go of what is? Those manifestations are already on their way to you. The faster you make room, the faster they find you!

For an Extra Oomph–

Re-read your manifestations before bed and in the morning for at least a week. When we invite change into our lives, the time in between seeing our manifestations appear and our present reality can make our desires feel too far away. But by re-reading (and maybe even saying them aloud), you get comfortable with the idea of having what you asked for. The more we tap into the way we want to feel and what we want to experience, the faster it all becomes a reality. Watch the way your life rearranges itself to mirror what you believe to be true.

However and whenever you choose to manifest, know that you are in charge of the way you feel and the things you experience in this life. Look around at how many things you now have that you longed for, at some point or another. We so often forget that we’ve already manifested our current reality. You are living proof of the power of manifestation. If you find yourself wanting more from life, it’s because you know you’re capable of creating more. So dream big and aim high while trusting that you can create the life of your dreams. The Moon is just there to show you that there is always light to be found in every one of your phases.


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