How R.M. Drake Is Uniting a Generation

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How R.M Drake is uniting millennials, new age poetry, instagram

R.M. Drake’s honest, accessible poetry chronicles life experience in a way that has us saying, “Please sir, we’d like some more.”

Chances are, you’ve probably been tagged in an R.M. Drake poem (or seven) on Instagram. With 1.8 million followers, he’s handily one of the internet’s most famous poets. His poems are a mix of self-exploration and a soothing balm for the soul.

Drake is as accessible as he is authentic. He puts it out there for his readers: the honest account of what it means to travel life’s journey. He strikes a neat balance of raw and emotive while remaining hopeful, dialed into the good we find tucked between the struggles. His work is at once validating and inspiring. And it reminds us that where we are right now is not where we will always be.

We love Drake because he makes us feel like we’re not alone. His poems flirt with the gloom that perforates our days in a way that gives it credence without giving it too much gravity. Nothing wrong with a little darkness, right? The feelings described in his poetry are achingly recognizable. Even if you can’t currently relate, you’ve been able to before.

Drake is writing about it all: the highs and lows and seasonality of life. His work unifies his online community. One post has over 60 thousand likes, demonstrating that even when we feel alone, we aren’t isolated in our experience. 60 thousand people relate to the exact feeling he captured. How beautiful is that?

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