Hannah Blum is Slaying Stigma and Honing Her Craft At The Same Dang Time

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Hannah Blum Writer Instagram

Hannah Blum’s writing shines a light on a topic that impact millions of us (so listen up).

Hannah Blum is everything writer, content creator and mental illness advocate. Blum launched her blog, Halfway 2 Hannah, in 2016 initially opening up about living with bipolar disorder. Now, she covers everything from advice and how pop culture impacts mental illness to tools, relatable experiences, and love.


Her writing addresses topics that typically hold stigma, transforming them into relatable discussions. Let this sink in: 1 in 5 people in the United States have experienced mental illness (National Alliance of Mental Illness, 2019). These topics deserve more awareness, education, destigmatization, and shared advice for people living with mental illness. Not to mention their allies, advocates, friends, and family.


Blum shared a video on Instagram this week that gave us goosebumps. So many people are pressured to hide or be ashamed of a huge part of us. No, mental illness doesn’t define you, but it is a part of your life. She uses her writing as a way to articulate feelings that millions experience and let others know they’re not alone. Trust, and watch below.


It’s not only about finding beauty in what makes you different but standing confidently in what makes you different. Her writing sheds much-needed light on a topic that is talked about as if it were sealed under a classified file. Why should mental health be a secret topic when majority of us, whether directly or indirectly, have been affected by it?


Blum’s mission is to remove the stigma and empower those who live with mental illnesses. Blum is also coming out with a book this year, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. Her words inspire us to find the magic in what makes us stand out in a crowded room. And, there’s a heap of magic in those attributes of us. Hannah’s Instagram bio includes the hashtag #SlayStigma, which is everything and more. Slay on readers, slay on.


To keep up with Hannah Blum follow her on Instagram (@hannahdblum) or visit her website: Halfway 2 Hannah.A