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Frida Kahlo’s Summer Style – Shop The Look

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We were obsessed as soon as we saw the cover art for Legendary Artists and the Clothes They Wore. Fashion expert Terry Newman breaks down the most iconic figures in history and their signature style aspects. The whole book is incredible, with looks from artists like Cecil Beaton, Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman, and more. We’re especially obsessed with Frida Kahlo’s love for bright colors and prints, use of layering, patterns, and jewelry are timeless fashion sentiments that can be sported any year.

Legendary Artists and the Clothes They Wore had us in a different world, so it got us thinking. How can we get their look 1. for less and 2. online. We reconstructed these looks based on the book, guessing at exactly what we think Kahlo would wear in 2019. Ahead, looks inspired by the acclaimed Frida Kahlo and Legendary Artists and the Clothes They Wore.

1.Maxi Dress, $198.

2. Oval Shape Sapphire Ring, $24.

3. Gold Chunky Oval Earrings, $10.

4. Rainbow Floral Crown, $48.

5. Platform Strappy Sandal Low Wedge, $29.

1.Bohemian Floral Tunic Dress, $24.

2. Pashmina Shawl Wrap Scarf, $25.

3. White Headband, $9.

4. Black Onyx Topaz Ring, $25.

5. Brew Slide Sandal, $30.

1.Off Shoulder Long Sleeve Crop Top Blouse, $17.

2. A-Line Maxi Skirt, $25.

3. Arrowhead Ring Set, $38.

4. Silk Scarf Scrunchie, $12.

5. Casual Strappy Sandal, $25.

1.Sahara Scarf Pony, $18.

2. Red Plisse Knotted Headband, $10.

3. Mustard Floral Twist Headscarf, $16.

4. Headband in Raffia, $3.

5. Pear Cut Black Onyx Dangle/Drop Earrings, $30.

6. Oval Shape Aquamarine Ring, $27.

7. Earrings with Etched Detail and Jewels, $24.

If you were inspired to dress a little more Frida Kahlo this week, make sure to send or tag us in your pictures on social media. Style on poetry sista’s.

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