‘Couplets: A Love Story’ By Maggie Millner

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For National Poetry Month, what better way than to combine our favorite two genres: romance and poetry?!

Couplets: A Love Story by Maggie Millner

A dazzling love story in poems about one woman’s coming-out, coming-of-age, and coming undone

Celebrate April, National Poetry Month, by exploring a love story that crosses over into the poetry world.  Couplets: A Love Story is a debut book by Maggie Millner. She explores love and shares her experience on becoming what she deems a woman with this coming-of-age story. 

Welcome to the life of a Brooklyn woman. You read from the viewpoint of a seemingly average woman living in the big apple with her boyfriend and her cat.  

Enjoy a collection of couplets that form a love story about a common coming-of-age story with a new approach. When we say common, we truly mean common feelings, emotion, and lifestyles. But ones that are kept private by many and maybe not shared publicly.  We are going to put a M rating on this- for Mature Adults Only. 

That’s where this novel takes place. Borderline intense and sexually driving but also inviting an relatable. In between the moment of dreams and inner thoughts and when to take a chance. Embrace your gender, identity, obsessions, and romance. Every two lines only leads to another thrilling 2 lines with rhythm and grace that will become addicting and hard to put down! 

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What others are saying about Couplets: A Love Story by Maggie Millner:

“An astounding debut. Ugh: astound? A word too easily tossed around, like ‘lyric, ‘ ‘stunning, ‘ ‘heartbreaking, ‘ ‘gripping’–but, here, all are true . . . This is a book that seduces the brain . . . Millner’s couplets enact high-wire acts of wit and poignancy.”
Adrienne Raphel, The New York Times Book Review

“Copulative pleasures abound in this spectacular debut . . . As the perfectly paced narrative unfolds, self-scrutiny about life and writing deepens . . . Erudite but never overbearing, this is a remarkable achievement.”
Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

“Millner’s story-in-verse is a metafictive marvel . . . Rich and unexpected . . . a gorgeous lesson in form.”
Barbara Egel, Booklist

“Lovers of horny, rhyming poetry rejoice: Millner’s ‘love story in poems’ arrived a week before Valentine’s Day, just in time to tie your brain to its bedposts. Kink and queerness, power and polyamory– this debut by the senior editor of the Yale Review has it all.”
The Millions (Most Anticipated)

About the Author – Maggie Millner

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Maggie grew up in upstate New York and now resides in Brooklyn, New York. She is a lecturer at Yale University as well as a senior editor for The Yale Review. Though this is her debut full poetry collection, she’s has earned multiple awards and had other pieces published. Such awards include the Robert & Adele Schiff Award, the 10th Annual NarrativePoetry Prize, and the Third Coast Poetry Prize. We know this won’t be the last we are seeing her. There’s only more steamy, gripping stories to be told from this poet!



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