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Poetry for Life

From love poems to stories of grief, discover the harmony of classic prose and new voices. Express the world who you are as a poet, a dreamer, a creator.
Celebrate the creative lifestyle of wordsmithing your life experience into verse. Poetry has long been a way for people to express their deepest emotions and thoughts. From love poems to explorations of modern culture, each carefully crafted line has the power to connect us to our innermost selves and the world around us. For lovers of poetry, there is nothing quite like the feeling of discovering a new voice or connecting with a classic piece of prose.

Support for Having Hard Conversations

5 minute read

We’ve all been there. You know something needs to be said but you don’t want to be the one to say it. Just rehearsing the script in your mind makes your chest tighten, stomach knot and every word gets stuck in your throat. You play out every scenario and response possible just to be prepared for the worst outcome. We all need someone to hold our hand sometime. You’ve come to the right place when seeking out support for having hard conversations. Yet, the only way to be truly prepared is to face it all head on. Despite knowing most of the things we stress over won’t ever come to pass, our nervous systems cling to every possibility hoping to make us feel “ready” for whatever lies ahead. Yes, these spirals we find ourselves falling into are our nervous system’s way of protecting us. When difficult scenarios pop up that cause our nervous system to sense familiar dangerous patterns, it sends a signal to our brains setting off alarms to find a way to avoid the hurt, rejection, disappointment, etc. While these defenses mechanisms are created with our best interest at heart, they ultimately stunt our growth. The only way