Poetry For Life

Poetry for Life 

Express to the world who you are as a poet, a dreamer, a creator.  

From love poems to stories of grief, discover the harmony of classic prose and new voices. It's kind of our thing here at little infinite. We've coined the term "Poetry for Life" and we want you to be apart of that. If you enjoy a creative lifestyle of wordsmithing your life experience into verse, this is the space for you. And everyone is welcome. Inclusive from thoughts, beliefs, individuals, and styles.

Poetry has long been a way for people to express their deepest emotions and thoughts. From love poems to explorations of modern culture, each carefully crafted line has the power to connect us to our innermost selves and the world around us. For lovers of poetry, there is nothing quite like the feeling of discovering a new voice or connecting with a classic piece of prose. 

Travel Essentials for the Writer

4 minute read

It’s here – The travel essential for the writer. It’s more of a club really. And if you haven’t joined already, you should!😆 Happy summer! Time for ease, warmth, and best of all, travel! From stopping by familiar beaches to see loved ones to exploring new lands, the summer months tend to be when we find new ways to expand our horizons. Consequently, that newfound expansion brings refreshing perspectives and re-energized inspiration. Witnessing new ways of living and seeing unfamiliar landscapes reminds us all that there are endless possibilities for our lives. Even revisiting your favorite places with old friends holds an opportunity to create new memories in the most familiar of settings. The hot summer sun affords us limitless opportunities to reignite the fire within us, giving us fuel for new creations. Never miss an opportunity by exploring this list of travel essentials for the writer. For writers, finding new sources of inspiration is the best way to keep our work fresh and ever-evolving. What better way to fuel up on new experiences than through travel? You never know when or where you’ll find a person, place or conversation to set off that creative spark of yours! This summer,