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19 Summer Fiction Books To Read By The Pool

13 minute read

Summer Fiction Books The perfect poolside books are here! If you’re the “li squad” we think you are, you want to find the perfect seasonal books. Books that are not just giving summer but giving trendy, diverse, inclusion, romance, and more. There’s nothing wrong with wanting it all! From anthology short stories to summer romance, pop open one of these books along side the pool. These summer fiction books are filling that void you didn’t even know you had yet! You seasonal desires start here. Grab a towel, sunscreen and a new book now! Let the Games Begin (Sponsored) by Rufaro Faith Mazarura Set against a sizzling-hot Greek summer filled with sunshine and souvlaki, Rufaro Faith Mazarura’s Let the Games Begin is a page-turning debut rom-com about two strangers at the top of their game. Athens, 2024. Olivia Nkomo has always been ambitious, smart, and an overall go-getter. Now that she’s graduated from university, she’s willing to do whatever it takes to land her dream job at the Summer Games. The first step? Securing her new internship, which will put her in the center of all the action, where she hopes to run into some of her favorite athletes. Ezekiel