Breakup Poetry: Getting Through a Friend-Breakup

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Because we all know our squad holds our true soulmates.

Welcome back to little infinite’s Breakup Poetry Series! The first edition of our Breakup Poetry Series covered the journey through the phases of heartbreak via instapoems, you can read it here. Today, we’re getting into the equally messy and heartbreaking topic of ending friendships. Anyone who’s lost a friend will agree: sometimes friendship breakups are more painful than romantic ones.

Friend breakups are inescapable and confusing. Distance, a falling out, betrayal, growth; all are perfectly valid reasons for friendships to end. Friendships don’t have to end on a sour note; some people are simply in our lives for a certain amount of time for a certain reason. But friendship breakups can be more dramatic than romantic breakups. After all, romantic relationships are expected to fizzle out, whereas you easily envisioned a lifelong relationship with this friend.

Ahead, four lessons we can learn about moving on from toxic friendships via the carefully crafted art of breakup poetry:

Lesson 1: Acknowledge the positive.

Lesson 2: Accept your emotions.

Lesson 3: Learn from it.

Lesson 4: Make room for new positive energy.

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