‘Bloom’ by Helen Hardt Book Review

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Discover the irresistible blend of passion and tenderness in Bloom by Helen Hardt. 


It’s Francesca’s wedding day, and it SHOULD be the happiest day of her life. She should be a blushing bride, ready to embark on a new life journey. But instead, she finds herself alone, wishing for a drink and a tall, dark, and handsome distraction. Luck is on her side; Frankie suddenly finds herself face-to-face with a man known only as Phantom. He has rules to protect his identity. No names. No exchange of personal details. But even in his disguise, Phantom brings Frankie’s body to life in brand-new ways. Ways that she is eager to explore.

At the ultra-secret, ultra-exclusive Black Rose Underground Club, Phantom can uncover all of Frankie’s deepest, most private fantasies. But the most thrilling thing about Phantom is the secret of his true identity. If she’s going to go down forbidden paths with him, Frankie wants to know who exactly is under the mask. She knows Phantom wants to keep his identity a secrets are the one game that Frankie won’t play.


He’ll learn all of her secret desires…and she’ll Bloom


This book had my attention from the very first page! I was not sure if I would be able to follow the action since I did not read book one in the series (Blush), but the characters and settings are different so this is a great stand-alone title that can be read independently!

In addition to the spicy build-up and BDSM scenes, there is an element of sweetness to Bloom that I was not expecting. The push-and-pull between the main characters is soooo sexy, and they connect on an emotional level that I did not anticipate from the book blurb.

The characters also had real-life struggles and challenges that are often absent in this type of story, so it was great to enjoy fully fleshed-out protaganists. I absolutely loved Bloom, will be going back to read Blush, and am definitely looking forward to book three in the series!

Note: genitalia is described as “pink,” which may cause diverse readers to feel excluded from the narrative.


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What others are saying about Bloom:

“Ultimately, “Bloom” crafts a vivid depiction of raw desires and intimate emotions, captivating readers and immersing them in a passionate narrative.” – Lola 
“One of the things that this author does very well is write the hot and steamy scenes that envelop you in the story. With a BDSM intrigue theme running through this book, it is easy to get sucked into Bloom” – Chris

About the Author – Helen Hardt

In addition to being an award-winning author of spicy romantic books, Helen Hardt is also a mom, a lawyer, a lover of ice cream, and a black belt in Taekwondo! She credits her love of the written word to the books her mother used to read to her at bedtime. Helen lives in Colorado with her family and loves to hear from her fans!




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