Black Instapoets Speak Up and Speak Out Against Racial Injustices

Mahogany L. Browne - Little Inifite Poetry
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Just days ago, a black man was forever silenced under the knee of a man that was supposed to uphold the vow of protecting all citizens in the community. Across the nation, voices are continuously uniting together for the black bodies that have been muted under the knee of racism. Against it all, and without fear, black voices from all around have raised up in various ways to share their stories, their pain, and educate others. 

Hearts and ears are finally opening-up to the ongoing injustice and racism the black community continuously wakes up to. Many voices like George Floyd, have been forever silenced, so we march, shout, write, and pray for them. This is not just a trend or a moment for the black community. It is a constant reality and the conversation needs to continue.

Here, we have listed a few black poets that are sharing their stories with us. Stories like these, are ones that need to be heard, seen, understood, and taken into action. In order to continue the conversation, share these poems to further lift their voices.

Karia – @ofkaria

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For Ahmaud.

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Bri Ari – @briyoumetravel

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TO MY KINFOLK: This is not the time to be silent. We must RESIST LOUDLY, always—all aways. Ima keep it 💯, I almost blindly posted a Black square today when I logged on. But then I questioned it. Like I do everything. Like we must do everything. I immediately turned to Black women whose voices and work I trust on the innanet: @mspackyetti, @zebablay, @thesojournies, @travelingfro —among others. I read their opinions and then formed my own. I know how easy it is to blindly follow things we see on social and I’m not bashing anyone for doing so. However, I implore you to consider why we would ever be silent, but especially right now? My inner conspiracy theorist jumped out at the thought of silencing the pain that we’ve existed in long before the world started tuning in this week and on a day with so many state primary elections happening. I won’t preach to the choir about voting but 1) Black bodies were lynched so you can vote & 2) The brutality that happens in our neighborhoods happens at the local level and if we had powers that be who cared about Black lives, we’d be better for it. Better, not fixed. The system still needs dismantling. ALOT of y’all revealed that y’all have white friends (bless you) this week with the slew of resources that have been created (using Black labor) for white ppl who are JUST NOW considering that we haven’t been exaggerating all these years. I encourage you to consider that today should have been a day for them to stfu and listen/donate/amplify our messages. Rather than us silencing ourselves while they post a Black square in performative allyship that is masked as “solidarity”. You know how easy it is to share a Black square on the internet and jump off right back into whiteness? Or for large corporations to stand with us digitally, but never physically or financially? Too easy and this fight has never been easy. I hope that after today, you’ll never be silent again. But I do hope that you found a way to take care of your mental health today or that you found joy, somehow. Sending all the love to y’all ✨

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Milo Khoeli – @milokhoeli


Stayne – @staynewrites

Unravel The Words – @_unravelthewords

Poetry by KAZ – @poet_kaz

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AM – @am.thehumblewriter


Abyssinia P – @abyssinia.p

J Marie – @jmarie.speaks

Featured image by: Mahogany L. Browne