Black Instapoets Speak Up and Speak Out Against Racial Injustices

Mahogany L. Browne - Little Inifite Poetry

Just days ago, a black man was forever silenced under the knee of a man that was supposed to uphold the vow of protecting all citizens in the community. Across the nation, voices are continuously uniting together for the black bodies that have been muted under the knee of racism. Against it all, and without fear, black voices from all around have raised up in various ways to share their stories, their pain, and educate others. 

Hearts and ears are finally opening-up to the ongoing injustice and racism the black community continuously wakes up to. Many voices like George Floyd, have been forever silenced, so we march, shout, write, and pray for them. This is not just a trend or a moment for the black community. It is a constant reality and the conversation needs to continue.

Here, we have listed a few black poets that are sharing their stories with us. Stories like these, are ones that need to be heard, seen, understood, and taken into action. In order to continue the conversation, share these poems to further lift their voices.

Karia – @ofkaria

Bri Ari – @briyoumetravel

Milo Khoeli – @milokhoeli

Stayne – @staynewrites

Unravel The Words – @_unravelthewords

Poetry by KAZ – @poet_kaz

AM – @am.thehumblewriter

Abyssinia P – @abyssinia.p

J Marie – @jmarie.speaks

Featured image by: Mahogany L. Browne