Bedtime Poetry: Unwind With These Poems

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Stars, moonlight and sweet nothings whispered between lovers.

Perhaps nighttime truly is the best time for poetry. Literature has always loved finding new ways to explore the darkness of the night. Leading its readers to feel seen and supported under the shy light of the moon, poetry is there to ease our minds as we lay our heads down to rest. If you’re anything like me, you probably anticipate that relaxing end to your night, allowing you to gently fade into sleep. Maybe the season you’re in calls for you to honor the restless chatter the nighttime brings to your inspired mind. Or perhaps you are lucky enough to lie beside the one you love before drifting off into the night. Either way, unwinding with bedtime poetry can guide you into a peaceful slumber to rejuvenate and prepare you for the next sunrise to come.

Whatever the late night hours may bring you, always know there is poetry to illuminate the beauty of the darkness. Ahead, some of our favorite poems written with your night in mind. These bedtime poems are sure to add an extra little twinkle to the starlight shining through your window.

Happy reading and sweet dreams!


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For Relaxing Nights

‘Night’ by Donald Jeffrey Hayes

‘Remember’ by Joy Harjo

‘Hymn to Time’ , from Late in The Day by Ursula K. Le Guin

‘Moon Tonight’ by Gwendolyn Bennett


For Restless Nights

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‘The Star Dial’ by Willa Cather

‘Night’ from House Inspections by Carsten René Neilsen

‘Dead Stars’ from The Carrying by Ada Limón

‘Exploded Stars’ from Starshine & Clay by Kamilah Aisha Moon

‘Sleep’ by Twyla M. Hansen



For Romantic Nights

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‘Day Dawn’ by Emily Pauline Johnson

‘Secret’ by Gwendolyn Bennett

‘Night Sky’ by Don Bogen

‘Lullaby’ by Dorothy Parker