5 Poetry Collections To Look Forward To in 2023

Photo by Florencia Viadana on Unsplash
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The past year has been a whirlwind for the poetic community! From Ocean Vuong’s Time Is A Mother to And Yet: Poems by Kate Baer, poetry mirrored the rapid expansion and societal rebirth that the physical world has undergone the last few years. That’s what poetry is all about, right? Poetry mirrors our society. It documents the losses, the growth, the beginnings and endings that arrive so quickly, we’re left praying for a way to seal in the memory of what once was. So we read and write!

While there’s no way to know all that 2023 has in store for us, one thing is certain. The new year will bring great poetry to meet you along the way. Here are five new releases we can’t wait to hit shelves this year!

You Are Your Own Fairytale by Amanda Lovelace

Photo Credit: Andrews McMeel via Instagram

Finally, Amanda Lovelace’s you are your own fairytale trilogy is available in one, beautifully bound book! In addition to every poem from break your glass slippers, shine your icy crown and unlock your storybook heart, the bound collection also has a brand new introduction from the bestselling author. Lovelace’s sparkling poetry radiates from every page to deliver new insights, trust and encouragement to every reader’s heart!

Arriving January 3rd, 2023



You Are Only Just Beginning by Morgan Harper Nichols

Photo Credit: Morgan Harper Nichols via Instagram

A soon-to-be smash hit from Morgan Harper Nichols is on its way! Stroll alongside MHN as she reimagines a heroine’s journey from start to triumph in You Are Only Just Beginning. Along the way, she helps us recall memories of bravery to help keep the fire within burning bright. The highly anticipated collection of poetry and artwork from this best-selling author hits shelves this Valentine’s Day!

Arriving Feb 14, 2023



A Fire In My Head: Poems For The Dawn by Ben Okri

Photo Credit: Bookshop

Winner of the prestigious Booker Prize, Ben Okri, shares his take on the global happenings of 2020. From a pandemic to the Black Lives Matter movement sweeping across the world, 2020 held a lot to feel our way through. This is where Okri shines! Okri illuminates the darkest of times while honoring the fear, disappointment and confusion the year brought. Let Okri take you from the depths of a dark night to the dawn with this collection of powerful prose coming in February!

Arriving Feb 28, 2023



These Are My Big Girl Pants: Poetry and Paintings on Womanhood by Amber Vittoria

Photo Credit: Amber Vittoria via Instagram

Award-winning artist, Amber Vittoria, combines both of her passions in this collection honoring both the light and dark of womanhood. If the quick, punching poems of vulnerability aren’t enough to win you over, the vibrant artwork surely will! Her breathtaking, honest work ensures every intricate detail of womanhood is seen, recognized and heard. Vittoria masterfully celebrates the ebb and flow of the female experience in a patriarchal society.

Arriving Jan 03, 2023



The Words Left Unspoken by Allie Michelle

Photo Credit: Bookshop

The Words Left Unspoken is the collection for healing hearts! Separated into two sections, “breaking” and “becoming”, this book helps ease readers into the most full version of themselves. Allie Michelle demonstrates the art of celebrating successes while also embracing the deeply hidden parts of ourselves. As in her other two bestselling books, gorgeous illustrations are woven throughout, reminding readers that there is beauty to be found in the journey toward healing.

Arriving Jan 10, 2023