‘Lunar Love’ by Lauren Kung Jessen

Lunar Love by Lauren King Jessen
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Lunar Love by Lauren Kung Jessen is both a delightful romance and an engaging tutorial in the Chinese zodiac. 


Olivia is the third generation to run her family’s matchmaking business, Lunar Love. The family takes pride in their personalized approach, steeped in the traditional Chinese zodiac. Stung by her disastrous match with someone incompatible and her hand in her friend’s ruinous match, Olivia vows to stick closely to tradition for all future pairings.  

Bennett O’Brien, with a matchmaking app based loosely on the zodiac, is enemy #1 to both Olivia and her business. He is also an incompatible sign – a Horse to her Rat. Unfortunately, he is also handsome and charming. But she vows to keep him at arm’s length, an approach we all know never goes well in Romanceland. 

Underneath this fun and original story are the timeless themes of:

  • personal attention vs. technology
  • tradition vs. innovation
  • heart vs. the brain

You’re bound to find yourself curious to know more about the Chinese Zodiac. Lauren Kung Jessen provides a helpful overview on her  website.  

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Lunar Love by Lauren Kung Jenssen
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What others are saying about Lunar Love:

“I dare you not to fall in love with Lauren Kung Jessen’s writing. Lunar Love is a sweeping romance that celebrates the deep-rooted family legacies that shape us and how these traditions evolve into our own. Brimming with crackling chemistry from page one, Olivia and Bennett prove that those who may appear the most incompatible on paper may just be our perfect match.” – Amy Lea, author of Set on You

“Can technology ever take the place of tradition? And can a couple that’s incompatible make love last? These are the questions Lauren Kung Jessen asks in LUNAR LOVE, a delightful, sparkling romance full of family bonds, a swoon-worthy hero, and plenty of delicious food. This super sweet read is perfect for rom-com fans!”– Kerry Winfrey, author of Just Another Love Song and Waiting for Tom Hanks

“Tradition meets modern progress, and it’s a delicious combination!” Abby Jimenez, New York Times bestselling author of Part of Your World

“Is it better to find a soulmate using ancient traditions or is a modern, high-tech approach the more efficient way? In this charming and original debut, Lauren Kung Jessen tackles the question with a breezy, tender joy. Lunar Love is filled with wide-eyed optimism and singular characters whose search for love will delight even the most cynical of readers.” – Lynda Cohen Loigman, USA Today bestselling author of The Matchmaker’s Gift

“Lauren Kung Jessen writes supremely satisfying slow-burn and rivals-to-lovers. LUNAR LOVE’s characters feel real, with flaws and depth and so much to love and root for. Where Bennett’s strong determination meets Olivia’s own steely resolve, there’s heat, friction, sparks–it’s a lit match. An incompatible match in zodiac terms, at that, but it just might be what both of them need. With surprises that are, in turns, adorable, wickedly funny, and heart-twisting, I’ll be thinking about Olivia, Bennett, Swiss rolls, and LUNAR LOVE for a long time.” – Sarah Hogle, author of Just Like Magic

About the Author

Lauren Kung Jessen is a mixed-race Chinese-American writer with a fondness for witty dialogue and making meals with too many steps but lots of flavor. She is fascinated by myths and superstitions and how ideas, beliefs, traditions, and stories evolve over time.

Lauren cares about creating experiences that make people feel something. When she’s not writing novels, she works as a content strategist and user experience writer.

She also has a food and film blog, A Dash of Cinema, where she makes food inspired by movies and TV shows. She lives in Nashville with her husband (who she met thanks to fate—read: the algorithms of online dating), two cats, and dog.


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