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Pride Month – Coming Out Poetry and Spoken Word

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Choosing to pursue a life that is authentically and uniquely yours requires radical honesty. Pride Month – Coming Out Stories Any trailblazer would agree that it takes strength to share your truth in the face of adversity. These pride month coming out poems from the LGBTQ+ community is no different in that aspect. Despite being misunderstood and underrepresented for… well, centuries, the members of this community still choose to bravely express their truths knowing that an authentic life is their best shot at a happy life. Every coming out story is unique. Some involve being met with fear or anger while others are met with a liberating display of compassion. Empowering or terrifying, sharing your truth is always freeing. Ultimately, life is short and fleeting.   Choosing to embrace every chance we have at happiness is always worth the risk. For every soul who’s endured the challenge of coming out or for those who are simply looking to be reminded they’re not alone, here are some of our favorite LGBTQ+ poems and spoken word videos. Our hope is these help you feel seen, supported, and, most of all, proud to live authentically! Poetry Movement Song by Audre Lorde On Earth