Bring in the Backup Boyfriend for this Beachy Read

The Island Affair
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In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re highlighting a talented, Puerto Rican-Mexican author, who’s originality shines through her work as she shares her Latino-American culture with us. I can think of no better guide than Priscilla Oliveras if you’re looking for an awe-inspiring romance written by Hispanic authors.  

In her own words, “My books are contemporary romance novels featuring Latino characters. So, I focus on strong characters dealing with family and life issues just like all people face, but you’ll also get a little taste of my Latino culture. Because, no matter where we come from, we all pretty much want the same things… the love of someone we can rely on, a healthy family, a successful career that makes us happy.”

Sara Vance is a social media influencer with half a million followers. However, the one person she can’t seem to get to follow her is her feckless boyfriend, Ric, who stands her up to her family’s vacation in Key West. 

Panicked at the idea of facing her family alone after painting a rosy picture of her relationship, Sara scrambles around for a backup boyfriend. Enter Luis, a firefighter who just so happens to be on forced leave from his firehouse and looking for a way to keep himself occupied, so he agrees to pose as Sara’s boyfriend during her family vacation.

Island Affair has an extensive cast of characters who bring a lot of energy to the story; Sara’s parents and siblings, Luis’ meddlesome mom, and his brothers and sisters. Vying for center stage with Sara and Luis is Key West, richly portrayed in affectionate detail.

Want to know more about Priscilla Oliveras and get some romance recommendations from an insider? Here is an interview she did with beloved indie Books & Books in Key West.

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The Island Affair
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