A Rom Com with a Splash of Celebrity and Friendship

How to Marry Keanu Reeves in 90 Days
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We all have a celebrity who we know is secretly ours. So what if that celeb has appeared in countless movies, walked the catwalk, or filmed canoodling with someone else on the beach? All of this frenetic activity is merely a front, a way to pass the time until they can fulfill their true destiny and sail off into the sunset with you

For Bethany Lu Carlisle, Keanu Reeves is hers, or if he can’t be hers, she believes he should remain untethered to give his fans a sense of hope. So naturally, she is aghast when she catches a glimpse of a tweet saying that Keanu is not only engaged, but the wedding will be in 90 days.

Bethany is not delusional, but she is at a crossroads in her career, and what’s a better distraction from life than trying to save the hearts and souls of Keanu’s fans everywhere by tracking him down and talking him out of getting married? It’s an obvious conclusion.

Bethany’s longtime friend, True, agrees to accompany her on her quest. The relationship between True and Bethany is charming because True never tells Bethany what the reader might be thinking, which is, “This is a bonkers thing to do.” But, of course, everyone needs a friend who embraces our bonkers.

There’s exuberance and joy throughout How To Marry Keanu Reeves in 90 Days, making it irresistible both as a buddy book and a romance.

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