You Can Always Count on Your Family

Dial A for Aunties
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Imagine you accidentally kill your blind date. What do you do? Call the police, your best friend, go on the lam? If you’re Meddelin Chan, you put the body in the trunk, drive home, and tell your mother. Your mother will neither shriek nor scold; she will call her three sisters to come over then begin calmly slicing fruit for their arrival. 

In her Reader’s Note, Sutanto calls this novel “a love letter to my family.” There is a romance woven through this story, and it’s a good one, but it’s no match for Meddelin’s mother and aunts, who steal the show as they devise a plan to help Meddlin dispose of the body. There’s a lot of camp in Dial A for Aunties. Still, just before it becomes vaudevillian, Sutanto drops in a poignant observation about family and the book rights itself.

You will find Dial A for Aunties on romance as well as comprehensive lists of “Best Books of 2021”. So if you’re still looking for one final romance to read before 2021 takes a bow, look no further.

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Dial A for Aunties
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