A Week of Poems to Keep You Motivated

A week of poems to keep you motivated modern poetry

Just a few minutes spent reading poetry can change your mindset for the day.

Here is a week of poems to inspire your weekly, daily, or even your full-life flow. Flow girl, flow.

Each day of the week brings its own personality and characteristics. What would happen if we took our typical attitude towards Monday and switched it with our typical attitude towards Thursday? If we took our Friday attitude and sprinkled it on a Tuesday? We would most likely find ourselves with a more positive outlook. I challenge you to find the spark in each day. To look at each day as a clean slate with enjoyable and fulfilling potential.  We rounded up a week of poems to inspire your week, you got this.

“I challenge you to find the spark in each day.”

-Ashleigh Angel, community guru and gauntlet-thrower extraordinaire

Sunday: Be fearlessly authentic.

Monday: Live for all seven days of the week, not just two.

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So..in the span of past five days, a lot of things slipped straight out of my hands or you can say I simply left them be. It is something related to more personal and nothing romantic or friendly. This situation has been there for a very long time, but I didn't face it until now. And I won't say it's something nice or an eye-opener, cause it's not. It's more like, now I'm more aware of my faults than someone else's. I've completely closed myself off, and I'm not proud of it but I need to. . Life is simply like a chess board. One wrong move, and the entire game flips against you. Choices are what makes us. And our thoughts are exactly what our choices are about. So be careful now. More like, be thoughtful now. Manifest ideas that helps you grow, especially emotionally. . Scrape out all the bullshit, and focus on building a life as healthy as you wish to live. Not just for yourself, but for all the people related to you. No matter how "alone" we consider ourselves to be, our lives do affect the people related to us, even to its minimum magnitude. It does. Be considerate. Be considerate of people. Positivity, doesn't dawn upon you overnight. It takes a step at a time. We all have our individual pace of growth, and you're allowed to have yours. Trust the process, all that's yours will come to you in time. Just don't fucking stop. . . . #micropoetry #creativewriting #caption #poetrycommunity #writingcommunity #poetsofig #poets #poetsofinstagram #igpoets #poemsporn #igwriters #words #writingcommunity #yellow #writersofinstagram #poetry #poetryoftheday #poetrygram #poetryisnotdead #instapoetry #instagood #instadaily #lovepoems #penned #art #spilledink #random #l4l #like4like

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Tuesday: There is always new light to discover.

Wednesday: All that you need is already inside you.

Thursday: Believe in YOU.

Friday: Find beauty in feeling.

Saturday: Take control of your life.

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